Things You Don’t Know About Green Tea


It is advised that green tea should be taken by individuals with diabetes on a daily basis. Insufficient insulin which regulates the glucose levels in blood may cause serious issues to diabetic patients. But it has been discovered that green tea helps regulate the glucose levels in patients helping lower the rise of sugar in the blood whenever individuals have only eaten. All types of fat storage and insulin spikes may also be prevented.

Reduces cholesterol levels

Elevated rates of cholesterol in the body aren’t good and may cause several heart conditions. It’s important to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body. Green tea helps decrease the amount of bad cholesterol in the body while retaining the good cholesterol. It will help the body develop a balance between bad and good cholesterol helping individuals stay well-being.

Prevents And Cures Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’ s disease are disorders which affect the brain resulting in loss of recollection in patient as the illness develops. But using the intake of tea that was enough green, these ailments are found to be delayed. The brain affecting the memory of individuals is generally developed over time and generally with time damage by the Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases. Taking green tea help delay these ailments were caused by the deterioration. The brain cells are prevented from damage as well as the cells that were damaged are restored.

Fixes Heart Disorders

Most of the disorders related together with the hearts are due to poor blood circulation and changes of blood pressures. Green tea is famous to line the blood vessels helping blood flow easily and this helps the blood vessels to manage well with any changes in blood pressures. Taking green tea can are primary reason for heart attacks but nicely prevents clots. It is capable of relaxing the vessels and avoiding the formation of clots along the arteries.

Prevents tooth decay

Catechin is an antioxidant which can be found in tea and contains the capacity to kill viruses and bacteria that occur inside the mouth. This bacteria and viruses are responsible for the tooth decay as well as other types of dental caries. They’re able to also cause. Regular intake of green tea might assist in preventing illnesses that are such helping people maintain health teeth.

Treatment of various types of cancer

The esophageal cancer can quickly be avoided by taking green tea. Additional studies show that green tea can help without actually killing other healthy cells of the body, damage the cancer cells. There are some studies that have been done demonstrating that green tea has some positive effects in preventing breast cancer. A case study revealed that girls had lower chances of having breast cancer by 22%. This is an extremely low opportunity and might only mean green tea is really helpful. A really low number of individuals were found to be infected with prostate cancer.

Actions as a good antibacterial and antiviral material

The catechin substance that is a strong antioxidant is another great antiviral and antibacterial substance which can help clear dangerous bacteria and viruses. Taking green tea easily treats various diseases like flu. The green tea is, in addition, recognized to stop the spread of some common diseases like cold flu from one individual to another.

High blood pressure is not great for the wellness of the body. With the decrease of high blood pressures, regular consumption of green tea was associated for a long time. This can be possible by relaxing the blood vessels and preventing blood clots that are unneeded.


Green tea is one beverage that should never miss from your everyday diet considering the numerous health benefits. It truly is critical to ensure it is a habit and take at least a cup of green tea daily. For all those wondering why tea is quite common along with a favorite to many, the many advantages above show why tea is taken by nearly everybody.